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Edie 2.75 update

Jules and Luka 11/07
Because she's little, and I love looking back on the ones from when the boys were little.
This age is my favorite. E is soooooo funny. She likes to call people "doofy doofy doof!" She loves music-- when a song she likes comes on, she'll say, "This is MY song!" and start dancing. She says, "Taylor Swift is my favorite!" Today she learned how to pretend to be a zombie and proceeded to demonstrate in the YMCA childcare. She throws epic tantrums and can be completely unreasonable, but she's also the most independent 2 yr. old I have ever met-- she locks me out of bathroom stalls to do it herself, dresses herself, and sets the table. She plays for hours with the big kids, and says she wants to be big like Julian. She's very caring-- always checking on people who are upset, never failing to ask how my day was, or to thank Robert for making a yummy dinner. She's really excited about going to preschool-- "the one with the beads!" She just pet my hair and told me, "Mama, your hair is soft. I'm gonna go get the brush so I can brush your hair." Back now-- "Look what I got! A brush, so I can brush your hair so your hair can be pretty. Oh, that didn't hurt." She never.stops.talking.-- just like her brothers. "Dad, come see mom's hair! It's hilarious." She really wants to learn to read, and can spell her name-- E D I E.


August 13 silly
Edie will be a year old tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. This time last year I was sitting around with my water broken, waiting for her to come out. We had her party today. What a big girl she has become! She is running now, she shakes her head no, and has a major (cute!) personality. She had a hot dog at her party, but didn't care for the cake. She loves water and seems to have learned to swim through a summer of watching her brother's swim practice. Despite all the things she can do now, she is still a tiny person-- barely over 18 lbs. and with only four teeth. Her hair is just now filling out. She brings such unequaled joy to all of our lives, I don't know how we ever lived without her.
And without further ado,
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Edie's Birth Story

August 13 silly
On the morning of July 17, I was at the hospital early for my stepdad's surgery. In the recovery room, I felt a kick and then a gush of fluid. My jaw probably dropped but no one was looking. I rushed into the bathroom where I ascertained that yes, my water had broken. I composed my face and told them that I needed to get home (it was noon, after all). I speed-walked out of the hospital with my legs together and drove myself home, all the while thinking, "This is it!" My water didn't break until pushing with both my boys' births, and even then, it didn't break on its own. I wasn't due for 16 days. I was in a little bit of shock.

At home I ran from the car to the top of the stairs only to find the door locked, and the rest of my water came gushing out onto the floor. Robert saw me and his eyes went wide. We then frantically cleaned the house in preparation for the birth, and I took a walk with the boys to the local library (wearing, I kid you not, a cloth baby diaper) where they claimed their summer reading prizes. A few hours later we were feeling pretty disappointed because I wasn't having any contractions. Eventually the kids' bedtime rolled around and we sent them to bed, promising we'd wake them in time for the birth.

The baby was posterior (facing my front instead of my back) so all day Saturday I tried to get her to turn-- something I'd been doing for weeks which was not any more successful after my water broke. I knew her head wasn't aimed right and figured that was why labor wasn't coming. My cervix was about 4cm but very far back, behind the front of her head. It hadn't changed in weeks.

I slept some Saturday night, but not a lot, as I was anxious and eager to go into labor. Sunday morning I woke up, took a shower, and did a bunch more exercises to try and turn my stubborn baby. The 24-hour mark came and went and we decided that I should try castor oil to get things going. At that point I was having painless contractions that didn't seem to be going anywhere. Robert went to the store and returned with castor oil and root beer, which he mixed for me on ice. I only took 1 oz. when a lot of sources suggest 2 or 4 oz. but immediately my contractions became stronger and closer together (this was about 1:30). I continued reading between contractions and breathing through them for a little while but soon ended up on the toilet (thanks castor oil) with strong contractions every 2-3 minutes and having a hard time coping. At 3pm I told Robert to call Jaime (a good friend of mine whose birth I attended 2.5 years ago) but to tell her to bring a book because I didn't know how long it would be. During this time Robert was filling the birth pool so he kept having to leave the room.

Jaime arrived at 4pm and, being a massage therapist and all around wonderful person, started massaging my shoulders and reminding me to breathe. I was sitting in bed cross-legged and totally focused on relaxing, telling my body, "open open open" with each pain. Finally around 4:30 the pool was ready (it had been filled too hot and had to have some hot taken out and cold added) so I got in the pool which felt great for about 5 minutes. The pain was unbearable at that point and the baby was *still* posterior. My uterus and back were both hurting. I asked Rob to call Stacia (the midwife I apprenticed under in Ann Arbor) and ask for advice on what else to try to turn the baby. She suggested doing a sort of lunge on hands and knees with one leg forward; two contractions on each side; and to lift my belly to hold the baby in tighter so she could turn. I tried all that with no success.

By 5pm I was crying and begging to go to the hospital for drugs; I looked my husband in the eye and told him, "I'm serious, I cannot do this, I am not coping," and honestly did want to go but it seemed too hard to move, get dressed, go in the car, and no one was understanding that I truly wanted to go, so I stayed put. I said "I can't do it, this sucks, it hurts too bad," probably 200 times. They kept telling me that I could do it, one contraction at a time; I said, "I can't take another hour of this." I felt that it wasn't working because my cervix was *still* at 4cm and far behind the baby's head. Rob told me, "You made this long playlist for the birth and you're only on the Bs!" I had to get out of the pool a couple times to go to the bathroom, too, and was at some point vomiting over and over.

On the second bathroom trip, around 6pm (guessing), I realized that the pressure was much more intense leaning back than it was on hands and knees which I'd been using to try and turn the baby. I leaned back on the toilet for a couple contractions and found my cervix farther forward and at about 7cm. I got back in the pool and mostly stayed in a reclining position for the next 20-30 minutes, which was extremely painful (I assumed that meant it was working). I stopped asking to go to the hospital realizing that labor WAS working and that I would actually be holding my baby soon. I tried to keep my noises to low moans but was pretty much screaming this whole time.

At 6:30ish I checked myself and found a bit of cervix left in front of the baby's head; a cervical lip. I decided to try to hold it back and push through it. I was roaring like a freight train and it hurt so bad it makes me want to cry just imagining it, but after a couple contractions of that I felt her head turn under my fingers and told them, "I felt her turn!" I think the rest of my cervix disappeared at that point but I'm not positive. The boys came out of their room either right before or right after this and I told them they could stay if they were silent. I raised my butt up off the pool floor so I was up on my hands and feet like a crab and pushed like a madwoman. Her head came out slowly, she crowned for about 3 minutes before her head was out and it was burning, I was sure I was going to tear and I was yelling, "Get her out!" and pushing with all my might. Finally her head was free but then her shoulders weren't coming; I pushed and pushed and after a minute or two decided I needed to switch to hands and knees to free her shoulders. She slid out into her daddy's hands and he promptly pulled her out of the pool, so to sit and hold her I had to swing one leg over her cord. I held her, amazed that she was here and so tiny and yes! a girl, and aching and exhausted all in one. Edith Eloise was born at 6:43pm on July 18, 30 hours after my water broke and after 5 hours of active labor.

After the birth my mom arrived while I was still in the pool (she invited herself). We cut the cord and I handed my daughter off to her daddy so I could shower. I had lost a lot of blood and was concerned about it, so Jaime sat in the bathroom with me while I showered. I was pleased to find that I hadn't torn at all. I wanted the placenta out but it didn't seem to be coming. I checked and felt it sitting right inside of my cervix but didn't have the strength left to push it out (and it really hurt to even try) so I pulled on the cord to get it out. There was a lot more blood that had been trapped behind the placenta, bringing my blood loss beyond the hemorrhage level. I put the placenta in a bowl and Jaime took it to Robert. I stood in the shower and felt very dizzy and faint so I yelled for someone to come back and sit with me. I got out of the shower and into bed where a couple placenta smoothies (fruit + placenta) stopped the bleeding and I got Edie back in my arms.

Robert weighed Edie at 7 lbs. 1 oz. and we measured her at a little more than 19" long; much smaller than either of my sons. My labor and birth were much harder and more painful (a "10" on the pain scale where my others were "7") thanks to her bad positioning and my water being broken from the beginning (probably not unrelated).

Edie is 3 days old now and beautiful. I love her so much and have spent hours on hours just staring at her and holding her. She sleeps almost all of the time, nurses like a champ (thank heavens after last time!), and has the sweetest grey eyes in her rare waking moments. We had to go out and get smaller clothes for her because she is so tiny. She has her nights and days backwards but I am always happy to see her and take care of her. Robert says he doesn't remember it being like this (by which he means hourly nightwakings) with Luka; neither do I but I don't think we would even if it had been like this. The afterpains were terrible for the first two days and nights but are manageable now. I fit back in my jeans yesterday and it is so bizarre (and great) to not be pregnant anymore. It's a little strange to think that I'll never be pregnant again and I'm relishing each day of Edie's already fleeting babyhood. Both boys are smitten with their new sister and, while I typed this story, were in my bed reading a book to her. I'm so happy I could melt and I am going to stop writing now so I can go hold my daughter.

Edith Eloise!

August 13 silly
Born July 18 at 6:43pm. She's 7 lbs. 1 oz. and 19" long-- a tiny peanut compared to my boys! Unassisted homebirth with daddy catching. Also present were big brothers Julian and Luka, and my friend Jaime. Edie is currently sleeping in my sling and making little squeaky noises. She's perfect; peeing, pooping, nursing and crying at all hours.
Labor was about 5 hours long and very painful, but she's worth it!

37.3 weeks.

August 13 silly
Edie is due in 18 days. Julian was 3 days early and Luka was 5 days early so I'm anticipating she'll come in the next 2 weeks. I am getting a little impatient. I was a LOT impatient a couple days ago when she was on my sciatic nerve and my left leg was throbbing in agony for about 24 hours. But she moved and I am fine now.

Everywhere I go people give me wide-eyed looks and the bold will ask, "When are you due?!" or say, "You look like you're about to pop!" Yes, people, I am a small woman with a big baby in my belly. I know. I'm tempted to answer, "November."

My parents were in a car wreck on Tuesday. Their car hydroplaned and rolled over on the interstate. They are both doing okay, my mom is perfectly fine, but my stepdad has a broken neck (C6, for those who might care) and will be having surgery tomorrow. He's on morphine and in great spirits, and will be home Monday or Tuesday. They originally thought he was okay and went home from the accident before going to the hospital.

We have been visiting, the kids made them cards which said, "To Grandpa, From Julian, I hope you feel good soon, love Julian" and "I love! you grapa, get well soon, from Luka." (I added the commas to indicate line breaks, they were otherwise sans punctuation except for Luka's random exclamation mark, which is his favorite, and often comes after his own name). Luka drew a dog on his and Julian drew a cow.

Yesterday I spent hours on a raft in the pool with my beloved friend Katie. It was perfect. The looks I got in my bikini were hysterical. I plan to wear said bikini during labor so there will be photos.

Third time mamas don't make good LJers.

August 13 silly
I feel terrible having posted maybe 3 times about this pregnancy! I'll be 34 weeks Tuesday. We moved into our new house in Louisville on the 1st and love it! It is really big and old and beautiful. There's so much going on in Louisville.

We've got the little diapers and clothes now, and the birth pool, although we're still waiting on the rest of the supplies. I feel pretty good; the high weight gain, acne, and other extremely unpleasant and unmentionable pregnancy symptoms I had last time have yet to plague me. I do have some indigestion that is easily cured with Tums, and am hot all the time (which isn't strange when the heat index is over 100º, but Robert says it is not hot in our house). Baby Edith is extremely active and I'm guessing she's 6+ lbs. already. I've started thinking about the actual birth and how I hope it will go-- I'm hoping for a short and easy labor, of course, but am more focused on the silly details like what to wear and eat and do during labor. I'm definitely looking forward to the joys of not-being-pregnant; alcohol, stomach-sleeping, fitting back into my normal clothes (although I'm making due with a limited selection of my regular skirts and dresses, so at least I don't have awful maternity clothes to burn). I'm really looking forward to meeting Edie but still haven't accepted that I'm going to be the mom of a baby again. A *nursing* mom of a baby again. Weird!

May. 15th, 2010

August 13 silly
Feeling a little stressed on the moving front. The trailer will be here in 13 days and I have yet to find a house! Or pack a damn thing! Yikes. I will start packing this week.
We also don't know what we're doing about school for Julian next year. I thought we were going to homeschool but I'm not sure. He didn't get into the magnet we wanted, although he did get into the performing arts magnet. And we can apply for a transfer to another school depending on where we move. I have a feeling this won't be figured out until July and I'm going to have to be okay with that.
I'm 28 weeks pregnant. Edie seems to have recently moved into the correct position. I have been sooo tired lately but otherwise healthy. I bought her carseat and she is pretty set on clothes (including a jean miniskirt and lots of little tank tops!) I still need to buy birth supplies but that has to wait until after we're settled.
Rob got me a Nook (e-reader) for my birthday and it's fabulous. I can get any book I want off the internet in seconds. I have read several vampire books and the Millenium trilogy since I got it 10 days ago. What should I read next?

kid updates

August 13 silly
I just found out that Luka is getting a $10,000 scholarship for kindergarten next year. Woohoo! We didn't really have a plan B and obviously, couldn't afford to send him there without financial aid. We have to wait until May to find out if Julian got into either of the magnet schools we applied to, but plan B for him is homeschooling and I already have a curriculum planned if that's what we do. I might homeschool even if he gets into our second choice school.
I'm 22.4 weeks pregnant and all is well on that front. I'm glad I don't have to do this again, though. 17 more weeks and Edie will be here! I bought her a little jean miniskirt a couple days ago that I can't wait to dress her in.
We're having a hard time finding a place to rent in Louisville. I guess 2 mos. is too far ahead of time to try and rent a house there... it's like the opposite of Ann Arbor.
The kids are on spring break and we're (the kids and I) headed to Louisville Tuesday through Sunday. Woot!

18 weeks! + school update

August 13 silly
Today I am 18 weeks pregnant. My abs aren't what they used to be and I definitely look pregnant already. The baby is head down and most active after dinner. We're going to find out the sex on Monday! I'm really excited to find out and hoping for a girl! I feel pretty good but sleep is uncomfortable. I can't sleep on my back anymore, and I have a bit of restless leg going on. Sleeping on my stomach is a bit tricky but I'm still making it work.

We sent in Julian's school application. If he doesn't get into one of our top choices, we'll probably homeschool him. We might even if he does get accepted to one of our top choices. We hear back from Collegiate soon on whether or not Luka gets a scholarship. I really hope he does. There is no way I can handle having both of them at home all day this fall with a new baby. I'm not sure I can handle a new baby + Luka even if Julian is in school.

Jan. 21st, 2010

August 13 silly
I got to hold the cutest newborn baby girl at a postpartum yesterday, and one of my facebook friends just had a baby who is darling, and I'm suddenly dying of excitement about having a tiny baby! I've been thinking of the baby period as something to live through so we can have another child in our family, but now I just want the tiny-ness and I'm even sad that it's the last little one we'll ever get to parent. Of course I know *our* baby won't be as tiny as these cuties, but s/he'll still be little and sweet.

12 weeks, 2 days. All is well. I've had a terrible cough since Christmas but no real pregnancy symptoms aside from the boobs of death.